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Runaways AU: pt. one by plastic-pipes Runaways AU: pt. one :iconplastic-pipes:plastic-pipes 259 50
Protection Detail
Protection Detail
“I understand that you know a thing or two about defending yourself.”
Asami nodded slowly. This was a bizarre conversation to be having, but she had come to realise that bizarre was never far away when Azula was around. The old woman had a knack for finding trouble and then setting it on fire. “I can handle myself in a fight.”  
“I see.” Azula flicked her wrist, and a knife just, for want of a better word, appeared in her hand. Asami stared. “Can you handle a knife?”
“How did you do that?”
“An old friend taught me.” For a moment, there was genuine sorrow in Azula’s eyes, but it passed swiftly, replaced once again by that razor-sharp gaze that Asami had grown accustomed to. “Learning how to do that was one of the many gifts she gave me.” Another flicked of her wrist imbedded the knife in the wall beside Asami’s head. “As was the skill to do that. It’s
:iconrazieltwelve:RazielTwelve 4 10
Reunion Behind Closed Doors
“Asami wants to see you.”
Korra froze. She was halfway through the door when Tenzin spoke up. “Shouldn’t I shower and clean up first?”
Tenzin sighed. “She really wants to see you first.”
Korra gulped and nodded. She had just returned from her six-month absence and seeing Toph, which made her extremely dirty. She didn’t understand why Asami wanted to see her right away, but it probably meant bad news.
Korra stopped outside of her old bedroom, sensing that someone was waiting inside. Looked like Asami really was determined to see her. The door creaked open and just through that small gap, Korra could feel great tension. She gulped again and opened the door all of the way, keeping her back to the other woman. She rested her hands on the door, refusing to meet eyes with her.
Asami stood tensely and had her arms crossed. She heard Korra approaching and wasn’t surprised when Korra averted her sight.
Korra stood up straight, still not faci
:iconkidwolff:KidWolff 22 7
Comfy Morning by QTori Comfy Morning :iconqtori:QTori 300 28 Korra and Asami are not impressed.. by ZazaSan Korra and Asami are not impressed.. :iconzazasan:ZazaSan 34 4 LOK: Come Sit With Me by Ma-rin LOK: Come Sit With Me :iconma-rin:Ma-rin 179 21 December is here.. by TaffyDesu December is here.. :icontaffydesu:TaffyDesu 50 6 Korra: Ring of Fire by agentspymonkey Korra: Ring of Fire :iconagentspymonkey:agentspymonkey 156 10 It's Korra! by musical-artist94 It's Korra! :iconmusical-artist94:musical-artist94 24 0 Perfect Harmony by agentspymonkey Perfect Harmony :iconagentspymonkey:agentspymonkey 94 4 9.12.15 - 120k by KidWolff 9.12.15 - 120k :iconkidwolff:KidWolff 1 0 2015 10 04 by Jennawynn 2015 10 04 :iconjennawynn:Jennawynn 7 0
Enlightenment - 2.Lover (Korrasami anniversary)
Asami signed the last contract that was on her desk and let out a deep sigh. Lately, work in Future Industries had not been overwhelming, quite the opposite. It’s one of those seasons when nothing really important happens and the company just sails along. The contracts Asami just signed were only providers’ agreements, nothing more.
Asami stepped out of her office to see if she had any pending appointments that she may have forgotten. “Midori.” She handed her assistant two stacks of contracts. “You know what to do, the copies in this folder go to the providers, these ones are for us.”
“Yes, Ms. Sato.” Midori put aside the stack destined for the providers.
“And please, take your time, these days have been really calm, boring even.”
Midori smiled a little. “Is there anything else that you need?”
“Just tell me, do I have scheduled any appointment in what’s left of the day?”
“No, Ms. Sato. You h
:iconavrilfan2213:avrilfan2213 8 2
WHAT IF KORRASAMI by MariaKlepikova WHAT IF KORRASAMI :iconmariaklepikova:MariaKlepikova 524 45
Petals of Flame Ch3: The Departure
"Why do you have to go?" Asami asked, trailing me into my apartment. I was already starting to undo my dress. "It sounds like things are already mostly under control. The Fire Nation's royal guard will be hunting down the assassins, and I'm sure Izumi has her own healers."
I stopped for a second to talk to her face to face. "It's not just that. Izumi's hurt pretty bad, but she doesn't want to throw her Nation into a panic, so she wants it kept quiet. The Fire Nation's people don't even know about the attempt yet. It's just Raiko, me, and you." I shrugged off my dress and slipped out of its accessories as I continued. "Nobody's going to know I'm even there outside of the royal guard. If everything goes smoothly, I'll just give the Fire Lord some support and be back in a couple of days."
"...and if things don't go smoothly?" She almost looked afraid to ask because she already kind of knew the answer.
I kept getting dressed in my normal clothes and eventually started packing my bag as we
:iconmiss-asamisato:Miss-AsamiSato 9 0
Petals of Flame Ch1: The Calm Before The Storm
"Wait, are you kidding? You haven't seen them, Korra?" Asami asked me, obviously surprised.
I shrugged. "Nope. I mean, it was still filming when I left for the Fire Nation, and then I lost my memory, and then I had to stop the world from falling into 10,000 years of darkness. Then there was the whole Republic City integration fiasco before the airbenders started popping up. It was a really busy few months, and then I was at the South Pole..." her frown deepened and I cut that part of the run through short. Neither of us liked talking about it if we didn't have to. "I guess I just missed out on it."
I could see the gears in Asami's head turning as I talked. "Yeah, I guess so." Her frown slowly pulled up into that cute little grin of hers. "We're gonna have to fix that. Tonight."
As the mover ended and the film reel spun down, I saw Asami turn to me out of the corner of my eye. I sat with my chin still resting on my fist, still staring at the screen, as I tried to make sense of what I'd
:iconmiss-asamisato:Miss-AsamiSato 10 0


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